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Pi Cup

Key contents include tourmaline/ Pi stones, KDF filter materials.   


Benefits include
a. Converts any acid water to neutral or alkaline water prior to consumption
b. Neutralises the acidity of the blood when consumed
c. Emulsifies fats and oil, hence aids weight loss
d. Reduces blood cholesterol
e. Neutralises the effects of alcohol, smoke, and coffee (caffeine) on organs and cells
f. Improves circulation of oxygen and purifies blood
g. Energizes: suitable for athletes
h. Eliminates weakness
i. Anti-aging: enhances oxidation resistance
j. Zinc-rich and anion-rich
k. Eliminates free-radicals
l. Antibacterial and Strengthens immunity
m. Filter-purifies water
n. Relieves indigestion and lactose intolerance 


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