Chinedu Rita Rosa, founder of Vines by Rosa

Chinedu Rita Rosa, founder of Vines by Rosa

Nov 30, 2021

Tell us about how you got started.

I moved in France in 2015 and l decided that l was going to take time from work because l own a wine store and a business which imports and exports wine in Nigeria. I have 2 girls who were 11 and 7 years old so l decided l needed a break because l worked too much, but by virtue of being African we are naturally business women so it’s very difficult for us to stay still so in less than 3 months l was thinking of what to do in entrepreneurial world and as a black women in the wine world its not easy to get a job so l decided to do my own. The best way was to do what l know best, which is advising people to drink wine, choose wine and export wines so l decided to start my own consultancy in Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France which is to help the chateau and the wine makers here and in Africans and give them the inside way and easier way to help them with exportation, choosing of the kind of wines they will export to Nigeria and making sure that l work on the prices, hence Vines by Rosa came out through that.

What makes your company unique?

Firstly, be who you are, don’t change for anyone. Be authentic, bring it forward its attractive because a lot of people are used to fakeness. Vines by Rosa name was chosen by my daughter and if you are in the wine business you know that the grapes are very fragile so the roses are planted in the vineyard so that if they are any diseases the roses get affected first which will be a warning to the wine grower that they is a problem, so am standing between African and the rest of the world by making sure the wines are coming from the right sources and make sure the prices are right for our people. So am the bridge between buyers and sellers.


No business is without setbacks, can you tell us about a time when you faced a significant setback and how you recovered from it?

The death of my husband in 2008. My late husband was Lebanese and am Nigerian, he was 40 and l was 35 and l was 7 months pregnant. I was in love with my husband and doing business with him, so it was a shock, so it took me time to recover. So, l was not in my home country, so l was scared. I moved back to my home country and started business with only $100US and started the first wine cafe in Nigeria hence my rebirth into business again.

How do you define success and to what do you attribute your success?

Success means having a balanced life, home and having your business supporting that. Being able to send my kids to school they want to attend and feed them and being able to help other people achieve what their dreams and anyone in need to push and inspire black people thus success to me.

What's next for your business, what will it look like in 5 years?

Whatever God has planned for me and wherever he is willing to take me am willing to go, but the most important thing is doing it with a smile on my face. So, 5 years’ time Vines by Rosa will be in as many African countries, l want to work with partners and women interested in entrepreneurship, especially those interested in the wine business.

What do you think the future holds for Africa-focused entrepreneurs and advice do you have for entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

To the young entrepreneur in Africa Push your idea Never except no for an answer, each no you hear is more reason to work harder Believe in yourself Remain who you are Never stop, be consistent! Do not expect anyone to open the door for you so break the wall and create your own door

Owning a business while balancing a personal life can be challenging; how do you take care of yourself?

TI wake up, have a cup of warm water then head off to the gym 2 hours every morning. I do not work from 9am to 11pm. You must create time for yourself and do 1 thing that you really like whether its painting, yoga or working out and at that time no-one should bother you (husband or children). Balance your work with good eating.

What is your favorite quote or mantra?  What keeps you going?

“I live everyday as if it’s my last day creating something new”- favorite quote. I love waking up in the morning and planning my day as if tomorrow someone will take it away from me./span> 

What is your favorite app or a business tool that you can't live without

Inshot is my favorite because l need to do a lot of edit. In shot is a lifesaver, it helps me put music and edit.