Talifhani Banks, the Guru at Analytics Advertising

Feb 23, 2021
Talifhani Banks, the Guru at Analytics Advertising

Tell us about how you got started.

Growing up, I always had visions of becoming an entrepreneur. I kept telling everyone I will be running a business one day. In 2015 I started working with entertainment people. I would help them with brand strategy to get endorsement deals using my analytics skills.

Around that time, I felt I was becoming a pro, so I opened a company called Analytics Advertising. One day I just felt tired at my office job as a Business Analyst. I phoned my father and told him I’m about to quit. Knowing me he thought it was a great idea. I called my wife and told her that I was about to notify the CEO that I would be leaving - she said let’s go!! I resigned and served my notice, and that’s how I started focusing fulltime on Analytics Advertising.

What makes your company unique?

Applying Analytics in marketing makes us unique. Creatives and many other marketers fall in love with creating content, but they never ask themselves who they are creating the content for? Where are they based, what is their LSM (living standards measure), and what type of stories can I communicate that will penetrate the target customer behavior.

Our key selling point is that we are a data science company. We help businesses understand their customer patterns, potential customers they're targeting and how to tell a story that penetrates that specific customer using analytics.

No business is without setbacks, can you tell us about a time when you faced a significant setback and how you recovered from it?

I think setbacks in business raise questions about how far you can go as an individual. I went through all kinds of setbacks from owing office rentals and having doors closed on me to petrol finishing on a highway or my daughter getting sick while we didn't have medical aid. My wife at times got tired of me running this business, my mother has been upset with me for leaving a good paying job and my father has doubted me or thought of me as stupid.

I went through it all.  I've been called all kinds of names by friends and been alienated by people who think I’ll ask them for money. There have also been times when I couldn't get clients, or I've doubted my own business model and have run out of cashflow.

How do you define success and to what do you attribute your success?

I think success is the ability to help others through your talent and skills, being able to produce and provide to others through your existence. My success today is that I have built a company that pays 15 specialists and more than 10 African influencers every month for digital campaigns. I have people depending on the business to feed their families.

What's next for your business, what will it look like in 5 years?

We are growing hyperbolically and exponentially. Every growth means 3 times more growth within a short span of time and we have learned to leverage this. Five years from now will be amazing, we will be working internationally, partnering with large corporations, and standing out as a modern, large marketing consulting firm.  We are already in Dubai today.

What do you think the future holds for Africa-focused entrepreneurs and advice do you have for entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

I think the opportunity in Africa is going to be enormous especially in digital businesses.  More and more consumers in Africa are becoming enlightened and tech ready. It’s just a matter of time before it becomes a big market.

I would say increase your presence online because if you have a great product or service and its not noticed digitally, your potential customers will find your competitors.

Owning a business while balancing a personal life can be challenging; how do you take care of yourself?

I think my family keep me grounded, I have a wife and 2 babies Tshedza & Tyson. I take them to school and also pick them up, this keeps me on my watch and focused to my husband duties.

What is your favorite quote or mantra?  What keeps you going?

- I am the answer to what God knew will be a question in my generation.

- When you find what you love chase it and keep going.

- Listen to others who walk the same road, you will pick up a few things that will help you maneuver yours.

What is your favorite app or a business tool that you can't live without

Linkedin – I love Linkedin