Digital Book keeping for village saving groups in Uganda .
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In Uganda 95% of Savings Schemes don't have electronic record savings system, This system has been simplified and assembled in a way that it is easy to use and learn by people most especially the youth with little computer knowledge you can be trained and you are able to use the system
This system has been built according to the day to day operations of a village based savings scheme. Its ability to capture and store financial data daily helps these groups manage savings, loan, withdraw and borrowing from these village based saving scheme.
The reason for the project is to support these village saving groups most especially those that are run by women and the youth with a digital savings records system to help them record and store their day to day operations
We plan to procure and distribute a computer( laptop) , printer for receipts and train a minimum of two members per saving group on how to use the system and deploy the system on the laptop for easy use.
We are targeting 10 districts as our pilot study and a minimum of 10 saving groups per district.

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