DAYGROW-Daucus Agripreneurship Youth Group
DAYGROW-Daucus Agripreneurship Youth Group
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Aware of the failure of youth to attain formal education because of problems related to family backgrounds.

Noting that such youths are the ones commonly described as unprivileged &/ other vulnerable children.

Having realised that unprivileged face problems peculiar to them.

Whereas many unprivileged service providers have done alot in terms of advocacy, coordination and resource mobilization for unprivileged.

Realising that poverty, illiteracy, incapicitation and several socio-economic issues hinder their efforts.

Noting that there is no substantive and operational group or association for youths suffering in Rusinga Island of Mbita Sub-County, Kenya.

Convinced that we can better address the plight of such youth through empowering the youth who have got little or no chance of formal education with basic technical/vocational skills, coordination and joint effort as an organized group through income generating initiatives.


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