Electronic Patients Records System for Health Centre Uganda
Electronic Patients Records System for Health Centre Uganda
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Electronic Patients Records System for Health Centre Uganda In Uganda 100% of health centre 2 don't have electronic record management system, The record files are kept in a records room on shelves and cannot easily be re-used and new records are created every time a patient visits the facility he is treated as a new patient. Patients cannot easily access there treatment history at the health centre 2. This system has been simplified and assembled in a way that it is easy to use and learn by medical staff, most especially the youth with little computer knowledge you can be trained and you are able to use the system
This system has been built according to the day to day operations of a Health Centre 2. Its ability to capture and store patient data daily. Issue electronic Medical treatment reports to patients and easy access of patient treatment history.
The reason for the project is to support government based health centre 2 with a digital patient Management records system to help them record and store their day to day operations
We plan to procure and distribute 5 computer( laptops) , 2 printer for billing receipts, print medical form and train a minimum of 8 members per Health centre on how to use the system, We target one Clinician, 2 Cashiers, 3 Nurses , 1 Auxilliary Staff and 1 Front Desk
We are targeting 4 districts as our pilot study and a minimum of 5 Health Centre per district


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