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Lush Image Consulting

Lush Image Consulting

Lush Consulting is an Image development and personal branding company.  Image development is our business and our passion. We work to advice individuals and companies on all aspects of  projecting a winning image and how to make an impact.We believe that people may have tremendous potential but because of the way they are perceived by other people, the way that other people think of them, look, value and talk about them, they never get to use that potential.



Lush Consulting was established by Bridgette Nyahunzvi in 2018. Her passion of teaching, fashion, style and beauty plus 17 years of corporate procurement experience led her to launch Lush Consulting. She was trained and certified by Colourworks International Image Consultants Academy. She is also a qualified and certified make up artist from LISOF Fashion  Academy. She is a member of SAAIP( South African Association for Image professionals).



We take special care to create an image that makes a positive & lasting first impression and gets our clients closer to their goals.

Honesty & Integrity

We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions. We can be trusted to give un-biased opinions and suggestions.

Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that can make a positive difference in our customers lives


To be the first choice provider of image development and personal branding solutions in Southern Africa by 2025.

To create a world where everyone is confident about themselves, appreciates and loves their own inner and outside beauty.


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