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Marvelous Chem

We are black female owned supplier of eco-friendly household & industrial cleaning detergents.

About Us

Marvellous Chem was established in October 2020 after Tebogo did research on YouTube. The company manufactures and supplies dishwashing liquid. Langa, who is originally from Limpopo, partnered with a manufacturing factory in Tshwane to produce the dishwashing liquid. “I was looking to start stocking another entrepreneur’s cleaning products. As I was looking for more information on the internet, I came across a link that said that I can make my own product,” she said. “I realised that if I can spend less than R500 to start my own business and make my own product, it would be better than selling someone’s product.

Meet the Founder

Tebogo Langa
Although her initial plan was to stock another entrepreneur’s cleaning products to sell them, Tebogo Langa changed tack when she discovered how easy it was to make her own

Product Description

Marvelous Chem Dishwashing Liquid is a mild dishwashing liquid for hand washing of dishes and may be used with soft/hard water, gentle on hands. Formulated to effectively dissolve food residue, cut grease & dirt from dishes, gives a sparkling shine to dishes & pots.


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