Save Them Too
Save Them Too
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Save Them Too

SAVE THEM TOO is a non-governmental organisation that is being set to deal with issues of violence against men and boys.  It provides relief to survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV). Save Them Too is currently operating in Harare, Zimbabwe and wishes to spread its wings all over the country.

Save Them Too places the provision of Direct Services as a priority out of realisation of the critical role played by the different services offered by the organisation in addressing the needs of survivors of GBV. Direct Services is apriority for the organisation and under this programme Musasa provide counseling legal advice. Temporary safe shelter services, emergency medical assistance, economic empowerment, toll free lines support , Advocacy. These services address the immediate needs of men and women.

Our mission at SAVE THEM TOO FOUNDATION is to both inform and innovate leading to the elimination of abuse towards men!  While some organizations spread their research dollars between women’s abuse, STT is focused solely on men who are shunned from expressing their inner feelings because of the African society which in practice condone that.  We take great care with every donor dollar, keeping the staff small, the expenses low and directing every possible dollar to provide support to all men who are going through all forms of abuse and discrimination. Our founding members come from an experienced environment that understand the plight of men and tend to have directly experienced victims of abuse. We are thriving to host events that raise awareness and funds to enable our goal of funding innovative research designed specifically to assist abused men.

Meet the Team

Save Them Too was founded by a group of three vibrant people who saw it deem fit to fight for vulnerable men.

The President and Founder-Tatenda Chabveka who is legal practitioner, Notary Public and Conveyancer.

The Vice-President-Tinashe Chibwe.

The Secretary-Mrs Mary Manyeza who is Counsellor by profession


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Team Members

Craig T. Chabvekah