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SteelPulse Advisors

Steelpulse Advisors is a small, specialist advisory firm offering 24/7 Client service and support. Service portfolio comprises, Value Investing, Corporate Advisory, Company & Statutory Compliance, Financial Advisory, Tax Advisory Business Coaching & Training. No hourly rates. Only Fixed rates or performance based fees, where applicable.

We ONLY forge win-win business relationships with Clients. Never with customers.


Company & Statutory

Company & Statutory Compliance Portfolio

  • Ongoing statutory compliance and reporting obligations
  • Ongoing company compliance and reporting obligations
  • Corporate governance advisory
  • Business lincense & permit processing and renewals
  • Updates on new changes in company legislation and administration matters
  • Business entry regulation
  • Outsourced company secretarial function
  • Company registrations and company returns
Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory Portfolio

  • Site Visit
  • Company background check
  • Corporate Health check
  • HR Health check
  • Credit check and reference
  • Verification of corporate documentation
  • Financial and Tax review
  • Financial control reveiw
  • Internal control reveiw
  • Compliance Check
  • Compensation and benefits consulting
  • Investment Advisory
  • Divestment Advisory
  • Marketing Advisory
  • Scenario Planning
  • Cost anatomy reveiw
  • Business Information System Advisory
  • Business broking
  • Joint venture, Strategic Alliance,Partnership
  • Identification and Matchmaking
  • Selection/Implemantation of Business Software
  • Statutory compliance audit documantation arrangement preparation
  • Statutory compliance audit
  • Risk Management Advisory
  • Business coaching & Training
  • Speaking engagement
  • Outsourced Business Advisory Function
  • Estate Planning
Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory Portfolio

  • Ongoing Tax Compliance and Reporting Obligations
  • Updates on New Changes in Tax Legislation and Administrative matters
  • Corporate Tax Advisory
  • Individual Income Tax Advisory
  • Tax Compliance test
  • Tax Audit support
  • Tax Investigation Preparation
  • Tax Penalty and Dispute resolution
  • Transaction Tax Reveiw
  • Tax Implication Analysis
  • Tax Planning and Optimazation
  • Tax Representative Office
  • Outsourced Tax Function
Financial  Advisory

Financial Advisory Portfolio

  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial & Management Reporting
  • Accounting Consulting and Advisory
  • Financial Analysis
  • Accounting Health Check
  • Payroll Administration & Audit
  • Recruitment and Training of Client's Accounting Team
  • Selection/Implementation of Accounting Software

Business Coaching and Private Lessons Portfolio

  • Business Coaching Session
  • Tax, Auditing & Accounting
  • Tax, Auditing & Accounting Coaching sessions
  • Tax, Auditing & Accounting Workshops
  • Tax, Auditing & Accounting Consulting
  • Speaking Engagement Services
  • Tax & Statutory Compliance Systems
  • Taxation Lessons
  • Financial Accounting 1 lessons
  • Financial Accounting 2 lessons
  • Auditing lessons
  • Crush Programs


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