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Within Africa lies far-reaching and deep resources ranging from its sizeable youthful population and vast natural resources. Yet, the perceived legacy of Africa is that of war, disease, hunger, illiteracy...long list. Yes we do have our problems...but we are not focusing on that anymore. Instead, we are looking at the other side of the coin where there are passionate and proud Africans who understand that Africa’s answers are with them.

All they need is to stand up; seize their ideas; and have the wherewithal and tenacity to get on the ground and execute. No one can do it for us. And in that way we can re-write the foundations our legacy. From that of a begging continent to A Proud African People...A Prosperous Continent.

We believe that all of us desire to improve our lives, and that – even the most needy amongst us – can reach their full potential if we adopt the right mind-sets, and given access to the right tools and information.

Our collaborative approach to social and economic acceleration for Africa recognizes the multidimensional and complex nature of our continent’s social and economic needs. We work with private sector companies, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and academia to ensure we achieve lasting impact in the regions where we work.



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