Farmers' Corner

We fix farm problems through extensionists.


Agricultural extension service for farm operators producing food. Agricultural middlemen take much of profits in African food

NGW Agriculture project

Bringing the farm to your fork

The basic needs for human survival; food, shelter,

NGW Administration

Riyp is the culmination of a century-old family philosophy based on commitment, trust, and quality that endures to this day. South Africa is an integral

Uzair Essack
African Women in Arts and Agriculture

“AWAA” is a social enterprise which aims to manage a network of influencers, dedicated to the empowerment of women in agriculture, arts and crafts, especially

Believe in Africa Organization
Chashi Foods

We are a socially & environmentally responsible enterprise that produces 100% natural dried fruits and vegetables. Our products are made from farm produce bought directly from rural farmers.

Chashi Foods
Paul's sweet potato enterprise
This deals in sweet potatoes value addition to produce organic and highly nutritious food that is safe to individuals across heath sector more so diabetic persons. Aim:to produce organic and nutritious
Paul ogoye
Mazingira Hort Farm
To be a reliable supplier of organically grown herbs and vegetables, enlighten the society on nutrition, space maximization in farming while reducing postharvest losses as well as job creation for the
Leah Waweru
Fruition Foods
I have the vision of establishing an agro-processing Centre mainly for processing and packaging of healthy agricultural food products to reduce postharvest losses and improve healthy living standard of
Oforiwaah Kukuwaa Smith
Miami butchery
Zimbabwe's economy has experienced some progress from a decade-long crisis, but it is an ambiguous picture of progress defined by repeated downgrades of future economic prospects. The fragile financial
Sarudzai Muzhange
GI FOOD COMPANY will reach out to all households globally with valued-healthy dehydrated vegetables and fruits all year round efficiently at an affordable price.
Ian Otieno Bsc Food Science and Technology
Cassava Farm
The Journey Cassava Farm is an enterprise based cassava farm and tourism eco lodge established in 2010 . After implementation of the Integrated Management Chemical Pollutants, solid waste and an organic
Thelma Munhequete Advisory Council Member