Green World Hospitality Consultants is a Private Limited Company that was founded and developed in 2018 by an articulate hospitality expert. Green World Hospitality Consultants offers consultancy services

Geoffrey Musera
Vines by Rosa

Where Wine selections and Dining preferences are our trademark.

Chinedu Rita Rosa
Woodside Africa

Woodside Africa Group

Within Africa lies far-reaching and deep resources ranging

Sheilda A Chumba

We are a luxury women’s footwear brand for audacious, feminine and sofisticated women who consistently step in style while conquering the world in timeless & gorgeous stilettos, one step at

Mathepelo Pitso
Marini Naturals

Marini Naturals is Africa’s first quality full haircare range for all natural hair. It is a Kenyan-owned haircare line founded by two friends; Michelle Ntalami and Niyati Patel.

Michelle Ntalami
Eco-fuel Africa Ltd

Eco-Fuel Africa converts bio-waste into a highly effective eco-fuel that burns more efficiently than charcoal with less of the negative environmental and health impact.  Plus,

Moses Sanga
Lush Image Consulting

Lush Consulting is an Image development and personal branding company.  Image development is our business and our passion. We work to advice individuals and companies on all aspects

Bridget Nyahunzvi
Power Six Investments

Most people look at old discarded oil drums and other scrap metals and just see junk. But for entrepreneur

Paulina Alfeus