Grace Beauty Chic

Grace Beauty Chic is an online community providing professional beauty products and supplies, wellness experiences and spa consulting. We exist to serve you, the professionals...

Grace Zichawo

Striving to become Botswana’s number one choice for mobile and online bar solutions, we are passionate about delivering the highest quality bespoke bar services on any scale. With...

Newman Tshepo Ramatokwane
Menufinder Africa

Menufinder Africa is a Food Platform that specializes in Delivery, Discounts, Content and Reviews while helping people find the food they want.

Ruva Chindara
Daucus  Ginger-flavoured  Herbal Cof(Caffeine free)

Daucus Ginger-flavoured Herbal coffee is a substitute with all the deep and rich flavors of coffee. It's prepared from processed carrots blended with ginger sourced from Kenyan small scale farmers.Daucus...

Benard Owira
Daucus nutrition-enhancing powder(Gluten-Free)
Daucus nutrition-enhancing powder is processed from naturally dehydrated organic carrot, blended finely with ground organic spicy cayenne pepper, cilantro etc. to form homogenous powdered mixture.You...
Benard Owira