Children's Republic Association

A non profit organization that advocates for the rights of marginalised children. 

Cynthia Nyanyiwa
ELISA Engagement

ELISA Engagement 

Entrepreneurial & Leadership Initiative for Sustainability in Africa, is a member network of entrepreneurs and...

Ruva Chindara
Believe in Africa

Let's Make Things Happen

Harnessing Afro-diaspora businesses, youth & women leadership to illuminate Africa's...

Believe in Africa Organization
The Ronel Jooste Dream Foundation

The Ronel Jooste Dream Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation, aims to take financial literacy and entrepreneurship to communities, schools, universities, businesses etc.

Ronel will...

Ronel Jooste
CCMAD (Creativity Can Make A Difference)

CCMAD is a non profit organisation that aims to creative safe spaces for young people invent, innovate & create. Those of ages...

Tutsirai Jenje
DAYGROW-Daucus Agripreneurship Youth Group
PREAMBLE Aware of the failure of youth to attain formal education because of problems related to family backgrounds. Noting that such youths are the ones commonly described as unprivileged &/ other...
Benard Owira
Community Safety and Health Program
In Uganda, the rate at which accidents kill people is alarmingly increasing as everyone struggles to make a living. Under an NGO platform, Gonjoola Uganda, we have established the "Community Safety and...
Edison Arinaitwe Mr.