July 25, 2024 4-5pm Central Africa time (CAT)

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Our speaker, Rucien Petersen, is the Founder and Managing Director of Spottmedia, South Africa. With a background spanning over 14 years in both traditional and digital marketing, complemented by a comprehensive education with a Diploma, Degree, and Honors in marketing management, Rucien is a seasoned professional deeply immersed in the dynamic worldof marketing. He established Spottmedia in the year 2017, as he foundthat business owners often grapple with challenges in time, knowledge, and skills to execute effective marketing strategies. A dedicated member of the Tygerberg Chamber Committee group,Rucien also shares his expertise through a monthly marketing segment on Radio 786, catering specifically to business owners. Through Spottmedia, his company, Rucien has successfully workedwith diverse brands across the NPO, Tourism, Beauty, Fitness, RealEstate, Financialand Hospitality sectors. Rucien firmly advocates that a solid foundation of proper research, meticulous planning,understanding of the customer,paired with unwavering consistency and patience, is imperative for any brand to attain marketing success.

When you attend ELISA CONFABS you receive:

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Confabs are free events open to the entire ELISA portal community, which includes high potential entrepreneurs and founders with bold ideas for solving the greatest challenges we face in Africa. Attendees also include industry executives, investors, venture capitalists, philanthropists, researchers, educators, government regulators, policy makers, founders and entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

During the confab, an inspirational speaker or thought leader provides remarks for 10-minutes focusing on their professional journey, particularly as it relates to entrepreneurism in Africa. This is followed by randomly assigned small group virtual breakout sessions where attendees connect with others, discuss bootstrap briefs and gain recognition for their business, project or idea.

The mission of ELISA is to create jobs and support entrepreneurship in Africa. ELISA members and sponsors discover new opportunities for innovation, connect with others who share the mission, and grow professionally.

Date: July 25, 2024

Schedule: 4-5pm Central Africa time (CAT)


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